My strategic approach to creating architectural visualizations is founded on imagination and not necessarily on physical correctness. I believe that a good image conveys its intentions on an emotional basis. Hence the tool I primarily work with differs from the tools most offices who visualize architectural projects use:

Commonly these offices use rendering software to create the main elements in their images. However, I work with an elaborate collage technique relying almost entirely on the program Photoshop. Lights and shadows, surfaces, reflections, etc. are all being created by hand and then mounted on top of each other in a series of layers. This process requires to actively construct an individual artful vision and interpretation of the particular project. As a result each image carries its very own personality as well as a quite unique artistic atmosphere. Because of my working method, a solid background as a trained architect and practical experience in creating visualizations of architectural projects, I am able to elaborate for each specific project a representation that is adequate and supportive to the architectural design and to the final purpose that the image has to comply with.

Generally, I don't work in my own office but rather try to join the team of the client respectively the architecture studio that works on the design of the project. Thus the client is involved in a continuous inter-exchange during the whole process of creating the images. Successful collaborations, among others with Caruso St. John Architects, have proven this interaction to be substantial for an efficient workflow and a satisfying result.

Avignon, 2018